The following are some articles in the media on CoSA networks globally.

Media articles

New treatment for sex offenders reduces repeat crimes by 70%

Sex offenders are 70 per cent less likely to reoffend if they are part of a restorative justice programme which exists in other countries but has not yet been introduced in Ireland, a conference heard yesterday.

Publisher: The Irish Times
Publish date: Saturday, 9th November, 2013

Making friends with a paedophile

Whenever Paul Sloane wants to remind himself why he gives up a night a week to hang out with a convicted child sex offender, he thinks back to one phone call. The 55-year-old former engineer from Newcastle was recently rung on his mobile by a paedophile he had volunteered to befriend.

Publisher: The Independent (UK)
Publish date: Sunday, 1st September, 2013

Does ‘befriending’ sex offenders stop new crimes?

Paedophiles and other sex offenders are the subject of regular public outrage and demands for longer jail terms, but could “befriending” them be the best way to stop them committing more crimes?

Publisher: BBC (UK)
Publish date: Friday, 9th April 2010

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RTE – Would You Believe Documentary

Beyond Redemption? A RTE Would You Believe special documentary featured CoSA in Ireland you can view the documentary here

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