The role of the volunteer is to provide a community of support and accountability which encourages and supports the Core Member live to a life without causing further harm.

My main reason for volunteering was to promote safer communities and reduce the likelihood of further victims. I also wanted to invite offenders back into the community. I believe I have grown in confidence and I am more aware of the qualities I can bring to doing this type of work.

Providing Support

  • To reduce Core Member’s emotional loneliness and isolation by being part of a structured support network which includes other volunteers and professionals
  • To model positive social and life skills

Providing Accountability

  • Challenge Core Member’s inappropriate attitudes, behaviours and thoughts that relate to their risk of re-offending
  • To help Core Member follow their Relapse Risk Assessment Management Plan.
  • To work in partnership with and share appropriate information with statutory services

How are Volunteers selected?

Volunteers must be mature, trustworthy, well-balanced people who are committed to the values of restorative justice and the belief in a shared responsibility to protect people in our communities from sexual harm.

Volunteers need to be able to travel around the greater Dublin area by public transport or private vehicle.

All volunteers are Garda Vetted.

What time commitment expected of Volunteers?

Volunteers are asked to commit a minimum of one and a half hours per week for 12-14 months.